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SL Shakespeare Company Audience Guide 

We thank you for your patronage and hope you enjoy the show!  This guide has 4 parts:

  1. Basics
  2. The performance space
  3. Etiquette
  4. Recording Terms/Intellectual Property

BASICS ------------------------------------------------------------ 

Here are a few things to know about SLSC productions:


  1. Our actors use SL Voice.  To hear them, set your voice chat preferences to “Hear Voice Chat from camera position” and center your camera in front of the stage.
    2. Some seats have red cushions.  If you sit on a cushion, not only will your avatar be animated, but your camera position will be set automatically to a good place for seeing and hearing the play.
    3. You may type into chat freely. Note that you can turn off hearing other people’s typing by turning down the “Sounds” volume.
    4. The actors’ first names onstage are the same as their characters’ names in the play (the last name is irrelevant).  You can tell which character is speaking by touching the icon in your SL Voice controls for the “Active Speakers” dialog box.
  1. Lag is our biggest problem, as in any large SL gathering.  Please help fight it:
    1. Please remove ALL scripted attachments except the SLSC HUD (see below).  Scripts run on the sim server, so can really slow things down.  This includes Mystitool, AV radars/Chat Notifiers, AOs, scripted collars, and Flight Feathers.  Items such as hair, shoes, and eyeglasses that pop up a menu or allow you to change their color via chat are also running scripts. 
    2. Please feel free to dress simply.  You and your neighbors will be able to move, chat and control your cameras better if you simplify -- the fewer prims your hair has, the fewer sculpties you wear, the less jewelry attachments, the fewer flowing flexi skirts – the better for everyone.
    3. Note that every animation you play is downloaded to every avatar in the theater.
    4. Particles and bling add significantly to client-side lag.  Please detach poofers.
  1. The SLSC subtitle HUD (available at the theatre or in our SL Shakespeare Company inworld group notices) translates the text of the play.  If you speak the language the play is in (generally English), you probably don’t need to use this HUD unless you are having trouble hearing the actors and cannot read the Subtitles scroll bar at the center bottom of our stage.
  1. Performances are brief. Please arrive on time. Our first production, the first scene of Hamlet (aka “The Ghost Walks”), plays about 20 minutes. 


THE PERFORMANCE SPACE ----------------------------------- 

On entering the Globe, you will see the central stage area surrounded by tiers of seats. Below is an annotated picture of this central area. 


  1. The STAGE is elevated above the PIT (floor level).  The Curtain and Title Sign are removed when the play begins.  Actors usually enter from a passage in the center rear of the stage.
  2. Align your camera with the Title Sign centered in your field of vision, zoomed to see the entire stage but little more, and you should be able to hear the actors. Alternatively, if you sit on any of the cushions placed out for the audience, your camera will be automatically zoomed to the scene (once seated, you may have to press ESC a few times to reset your camera).
  3. The text of the play, in English, with character names, will scroll in this gray bar.
  4. Click sign to receive this guide, SLSC subtitles HUD, official programme, terms for recording, and other info.
  5. The pit area will usually be used for the curtain speech (before the show).
  6. Please give generously to our Glowing Tip Urn! 
  7. If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor or otherwise, please contact sponsor@SLshakespeare.com
  8. To receive updates on our activities, join our inworld group “SL Shakespeare Company”.  Also see our website http://SLshakespeare.com/ .


ETIQUETTE  ----------------------------------------------------------- 

Anyone who disrespects this performance will be ejected immediately, with an abuse report filed after the show. Because the performance is brief, we will not be able to provide offenders with warnings. 

Stay clear of the stage area

Stay in your seat during the performance or teleport home

Do not wear attachments which block the view of others

Wear appropriate attire and do not use attachments which could be offensive to others

Behave in a mature fashion

No particle poofers or other visually intrusive attachments

No snapshots (camera sounds are a distraction)

No script intensive attachments

No attachments that spam the chat

No gestures that produce sound effects

Unplug or turn off your microphone and cell phones!

Seating is limited, leave your bot at home ;) 

Recording Terms/Intellectual Property ---------------------------------- 

  1. Required SLUG to remain present throughout entire video, except for credits portion: "FAN VID: An unofficial recording of live performance by SL Shakespeare Company." (Available at several different resolutions at http://credits.SLshakespeare.com/a1s1 )
  2. Must include credits video at the end. (Available at several different resolutions at http://credits.SLshakespeare.com/a1s1 )
  3. Recording can only be for personal uses. Please contact affiliate@SLshakespeare.com if you are interested in using the recording for commercial or educational purposes.
  4. If you wish to have your video linked on our website, please drop a link to affiliate@SLshakespeare.com

All avatars, costumes, textures and sets used in SL Shakespeare Company productions are the property of their respective creators, within guidelines set by Linden Lab.  Any attempt to copy or steal such property is illegal and will be reported to the creator for DMCA filing whenever brought to SL Shakespeare Company’s notice. 

Version 1: 3/2008 c/o N.T.